Exhausted?           Overwhelmed?               Overjoyed?                  Stressed?             Isolated?
We have all heard that being a mother is one of the most rewarding, but also challenging jobs a person can do. There are days that seem to go on forever with cleaning and feeding and getting in and out of carseats.  We can feel under-appreciated, unproductive, isolated, overwhelmed, anxious, and at times depressed.  For as much love and care that you are generously giving out on a daily basis (or attempting to give out), maybe it is time that you receive a bit of support back. I have been working with mothers for many years and am constantly amazed at the unique challenges each one faces.




  • Worries about you daughter’s choices…
  • Wonders: Why won’t my daughter talk to me?…
  • Is unhappy with the daily arguing…
  • Is bothered by your daughter’s level of aggression…
  • Worries about your daughter’s sexuality…
  • Fears your daughter may be depressed or anxious…
  • Needs additional parenting skills…
  • Desires a better relationship with your daughter, one with deeper understanding and connection.

You are not alone—and neither is your daughter!  I would love to have the opportunity to work with you and your daughter in these struggles.

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  • Have experienced a traumatic event
  • Survived abuse
  • Feel so alone
  • Believe no one can understand
  • Wake up at in the middle of the night with the same persisting thoughts
  • Wish you could tell someone your story
  • Don’t know how to start healingAre afraid that if you begin to remember you will not be able to contain your emotions
  •  Can’t seem to move on
  •  Find yourself distracted throughout the day
  • Desire to be set free from previous trauma.

You are not alone.  I am honored to come alongside you and walk with you through your trauma.